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Thread: Fern

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    Fern is a great, refreshing name! I think it sounds best with a 3-syllable mn with stress on the 2nd syllable. Fern Cordelia, Fern Eliza, and Fern Matilda were all great suggestions. In addition, how about Fern Calista, Fern Mariah, or Fern Paulina?
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    I like Fern! It is very simple, soft, and pretty! Rare, but easily recognizable and not difficult to pronounce. The link to Charlotte's Web is fun. I agree with previous posters though that Fern Charlotte would be a little too much.
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    I think Fern is great as a stand alone name. I agree Fern Charlotte is a bit much.

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    Hate it. Sounds ugly. Doesn't help that plant Fern's are also not attractive.

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    I love the suggestion of Fern Eliza!

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