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Thread: Fern

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    Here are some suggestions. Some are classic. The plant names might be a bit too "blue ivy" esque for your liking...

    Fern Ophelia
    Fern Beatrice
    Fern Cecelia
    Fern Willow
    Fern Jasmine
    Fern Rosalie
    Fern Josephine
    Fern Meredith
    Fern Alexa
    Fern Juniper
    Fern Alicia
    Fern Anastasia
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    I like it, but personally would only use it as a middle name as I don't think it stands on its own that well phonetically.

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    I have always loved Fern. Fern Charlotte does sound lovely, but very VERY Charlotte's Web. It's a great classic book, though! I could imagine a children's librarian naming one of her kids Fern Charlotte, along with other literary referenced names. It would be pretty cheesy, I guess, but in the best way possible!

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    I love Fern. It's simple and classy but still taking part in the nature and old-fashioned trend.

    I immediately thought of Charlotte's Web with Fern Charlotte, so unless you're a huge fan of the book I'd steer clear.

    Fern Margaret has a similar feel

    Fern Penelope is cute
    Fern Bianca is pretty and would probably be my choice
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