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Thread: Fern

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    Fern is adorable & earthy and I imagine a very bookish hipster girl. It also has a spunky/pig tails feel. Fern Charlotte is WAAY too Charlotte's Web imo.

    Fern is really an easy middle, but in the fn spot I think it needs something substantial to ground Charlotte, just without those associations.

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    I think Fern is rather bland especially compared to other floral names, I prefer Flora. If you like Fern Charlotte I'd say use it. People rarely know each others middle names, how many times does someone walk up and introduce themselves by both first and middle names? Almost never and not everyone would make the connection anyway.

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    Love Fern! I've always wondered why it isn't more popular, especially with the Charlotte's Web reference. I think Fern Cordelia is a wonderful suggestion!
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    One of the kindest and gentlest women I have ever met was named Fern. It's a lovely name!

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    I love Fern Charlotte. Hardly anyone will know what her middle name is and even less will get the reference, and I think it's a pretty combination.
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