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    Favorite: India Rose
    Leaat favorite: Wren Isabella
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    Quote Originally Posted by cleo_g View Post
    India Rose (nn Indie)
    Eden Amelie (nn Edie)
    Willow Isabelle
    Pearl Juno
    Tabitha Wren (nn Tabby)
    Wren Isabella

    To get an idea of what we're looking for in a name, we want a mix of classic and modern, unique and definitely not commoon without being too out there - part nature inspired, feisty, strong name, not too frilly
    India Rose is pretty but if your looking for a unique name I don't think this fits the bill. Rose feels like the obvious middle name for India.

    Eden Amelie is beautiful. Love the nn Edie.

    Willow Isabelle something bugs me about the flow but I don't know what, the double double Ls maybe? I'm not sure.

    Pearl Juno, again flows wrong. What about Pearl Isabella?

    Tabitha Wren is my favorite. Love!

    Wren Isabella, my least favorite... Isabella Wren sounds better but then looses the unique quality you wanted.

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    Thank you all for your really helpful comments! Looks like Tabitha Wren wins followed by India Rose & Eden Amelie.

    I'd be interested to hear why people dislike Eden - I've seen comments on some threads saying it's tacky/stripper sounding but I don't get that. Am I missing something?

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    Favourite: Tabitha Wren -I love Tabitha and it's so cute with Wren!
    Least favourite: India Rose -I dislike India as a name since it is a place name. If you have a strong connection to India, then I would understand, but it's a very large country, and that's what I think of first. A colleague of DH's named his daughter India because that is where she was conceived... so whenever I hear a place name, I wonder...
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    Eden Amelie is my favourite from the list.

    Just thought you should know that India Rose is the name of Chris Hemsworth's baby.

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