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    trying to narrow down a name for our girl..which one?

    Have been working on this name for what feels like forever. Husband and I both love the name Adeliah sounds like Delilah without the extra L and an added A in front. Our last name is Cotton. Here are the names we are now looking at....

    Lydia Adeliah Jane
    Lydia Adeliah Frances
    Lydia Adeliah Maeve
    Lydia Adeliah Katherine (husbands favorite,but its seems too long for me)

    Adeliah Lydia Jane
    Adeliah Lydia Frances
    Adelaih Lydia Maeve
    Adeliah Lydia Katherine

    Or just simply Lydia Adeliah

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    Apr 2013
    Lydia is a family name so we want to keep it.

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    I love love Lydia, but the runtogetherness with Adeliah is not ideal. Both have Ls and Ds and As, so I think they need something between them to break up those sounds. Rather than Lydia Adeliah... how about

    Lydia Jane Adeliah
    Lydia Maeve Adeliah

    I'd keep the first middle short and sleek, since Lydia and Adeliah are both a bit ruffly.

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    I like Lydia Adeliah Jane or Lydia Adeliah Maeve
    or just Lydia Adeliah would work too.

    I feel like Adeliah would get mispronounced all the time.

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    I think the combos would flow better if you separated Adeliah and Lydia. I prefer Lydia as a first name.

    1 Lydia Jane Adeliah
    2 Lydia Maeve Adeliah
    3 Lydia Frances Adeliah
    4 Lydia Katherine Adeliah Maeve
    All the best,

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