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Thread: Mayflower

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    Hate it. Great boat name, horrible for a child.

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    Two words. Oh please.

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    Maybe you could use it as a middle name...
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    I actively like May/Mae or Flora but find the Puritan connection really awful.

    I don't consider the Puritans "American" in any real sense as they were pre-Revolutionary war and did not support freedom of religion or freedom of speech. I also can't work out how they are "some of the first Americans" unless you discount not only Native Americans but also the Spanish and Dutch colonists which preceded British settlement. And if nothing else, the Plymouth Rock Pilgrims in Mass. were preceded by the Jamestown colony in Virginia.

    What with the robbing of Native American graves and the hanging of Quakers the whole celebration of Mayflower is all a bit... fraught... for me.

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    Well, while I can maybe see the "kind of cute" reaction, still definitely not usable. This is for several reasons: #1 being, of course, that the child will be teased endlessly about pilgrims, Thanksgiving, being a boat (god forbid the child ever have a weight issue..), and people asking "are your sisters Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria?" It's just not good. The second reason being that even once you get past the American history reference, then it sounds very "hippy"/1970's to me. It just sounds like it would fall among the ranks of Moonchild and Raindrop to me. I think the reason it holds some slight appeal is that it embodies fresh and springy connotations if you think literally of May and flowers. I would say avoid the literal reference with "flower" and go with fn-mn combos like Zinnia May, Flora May, Maisie Juniper, etc. If you like Mayflower, try using it as a point of inspiration since it just can't work as a first name.

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