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Thread: Mayflower

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    The Mayflower is the provincial flower here, in Nova Scotia.
    I think the name is definitely useable in Canada.
    However, I think it would be better in the middle spot.

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    Not a fan. Putting aside all the history, it doesn't sound very professional to me and I think that should be a consideration when naming a child.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tintri View Post
    It's a cute name and I honestly think it's fine. It could depend on what region you live in, too. If you live in a region that is highly-charged politically, then you might get some uncomfortable comments. Do you live in an area that tends to be largely politically correct? I would say not everyone is immediately going to associate the name Mayflower with the barbaric treatment of Native Americans. Obviously, some will.
    Agreed. I have considered Mayflower in the past. It's rumored that my grandmother's ancestors came to America from Europe on the Mayflower. I like the tie to my history, and I like the idea that my family was among some of the first Americans to live on what is now U.S. soil. Does that mean I wanted to exploit Native Americans? No, of course not. My grandfather was part Native American--I'm part Native American. When I think of the Mayflower, I think of the first American Thanksgiving, and hope, and Squanto. I think of new beginnings, and new opportunities, and religious freedom. It has a great image to me, I don't think I would have associated it with the treatment of Native Americans at all. Would I have used it as a FN? No, it is sort of cutesy, sort of like Primrose and Posy and Poet and Monet--which are all cool MNs, imo, and spice up a combo, but are too cutesy to be taken seriously as FN. I think if you have a connection to the Mayflower, though, or the Canadian flower, even, it might be an interesting middle. I obviously didn't connect to the negative associations to the name, but obviously, a lot of people did, so I would probably be quite hesitant to use it, myself, even with the family tie. I think something like Mary Fleur, or even May-Fleur, and you could use Mayflower as a nn? I think it has a similar vibe, but would be more usable, personally.
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    Thanks for everyone's feed back. I never thought about the history of the name. After reading, I think it is definitely unusable considering we are part native American.
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    I recently read "Her Daughter's Dream" by Francine Rivers and the main character names her daughter May Flower Dawn. I think it's usable, though the separation might be nice so she has the option of going by May if she prefers.

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