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Thread: Mayflower

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    What about May-Fleur instead?
    Same meaning, similar sound, avoids the colonial connotations...

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    As an Australian, I have absolutely no idea of the connotations of Mayflower and its relation to colonialism and the treatment of Native Americans. But I suppose if it does have negative connotations widely known in the US, then it would be pretty unusable, especially if your kid wanted to visit or even live there one day.
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    It's a cute name and I honestly think it's fine. It could depend on what region you live in, too. If you live in a region that is highly-charged politically, then you might get some uncomfortable comments. Do you live in an area that tends to be largely politically correct? I would say not everyone is immediately going to associate the name Mayflower with the barbaric treatment of Native Americans. Obviously, some will.

    A similar name is Mayfair. Also very pretty and no negative connotations to rile people up. I think it might be a place name in England? Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
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    'Oh, did you have ancestors on The Mayflower?'. Every day. Forever.
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    I don't think it's usable.

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