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    What are the rules of syllables?

    Like how many syllables the first/middle names should usually be depending on the last name?
    (Mainly for one-syllable last names. But I'm curious about others as well!)
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    It's really about emphasis and vowel sounds, not syllable count. Having said that, I find alternating emphasis more appealing, so with a one-syllable last name, you'll want at least a two-syllable first name.

    Elle James vs. Ella James.
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    We broke the rules with our daughter - all her names are 2 syllables - but I actually think her name 'works'. In general I like alternating numbers of syllables.
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    If you have a one syllable surname definitely do what Celianne said and consider at least a two syllable first name

    That being said, at school I knew a girl called Kate Hill which doesn't sound dreadful.

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    One syllable fn/ln combos can sound very striking, but they can also sound cartoonish. Luke Shaw works, Sean Shaw doesn't - it depends on the name. I have George on my list and OH has a one syllable surname and it works fine, but I've removed Gus because it doesn't.

    If I did a1-1 name, I would use a much longer middle for flow. But rules are made to be broken

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