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    Cool What do you think of the name Godric?

    I think it sounds benevolent. Not pregnant or anything -that's a long way off. But I really like this name. I love Viking names. I know it's a little different but… I hate overused names. If I ever have a girl I want to name her Genevieve or Agatha.

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    I think of True Blood, but I only watched the first few seasons & read a few of the books. I'm sure the current story line probably doesn't involve much of that character.

    I do think having God as the first syllable of your child's name could come off as having a touch of ego, like Kinga, Kingston, Queenie, Majesty, ect. It might not have that intent for the parents at all, but it could be interpreted that way by some. I like Kinga & I like Cassius, but the "king" & "cash" parts of those names were enough to turn me away from them.

    I like the viking feel of the name and I like the sound of it.

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    I would get ready for a lifetime of "Hi, God!", "God, eat your vegetables!", and so on. Depending of your sense of humour, it could be funny or annoying.

    That being said, it's a cool name. It gives me a very fantastic / medieval / teutonic / anglo-saxon vybe — not really Viking or scandinavian, though.
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    I think of Godric Gryffindor, but I'm a giant Harry Potter nerd
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