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    I think I'm in the wrong time and location.

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    I seem to like a lot of America's names past/ around top 400 or so, but then there are some more popular ones like Avery, Lily, etc that I really like. I like a lot of The UK's names, some I am not a fan of but I like a lot. Here, a lot of the names seem to be more popular.
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    Hmm... yesterday I would have said yes - thinking of inner city Liverpool and the popular/chav choices people would be most likely to use there - but my friend showed me a class list of her mums year six class (10-11) last night and I was really surprised by their names (e.g Cormac, Mary). The school is in the town next door and it's known for being a fairly affluent area.

    On a really small scale level, my naming style probably wouldn't be too out there for my village or the towns north of me but the further south down the branch line I went the more eyebrows it would raise

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    I don't countries have a single naming style. If the US, for example, the naming style in New York is different from the naming style in Georgia or Mississippi which is different from the naming style in Iowa or Colorado which is different than the naming style in Arizonia or California.

    I also think naming styles vary within those regions as well.
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    I've always thought my naming style would fit in better in Europe, maybe Germany. I look at the top lists over there and in Scandinavia and think that Americans could take some lessons.
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