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    Thoughts on this name?

    Opinions on the name Lewis? Like, dislike? It just entered into our conversation randomly last night, with less than two weeks to go! Middle name Drake? It's a name I would have never thought I would have picked, but there's something about it that's keeping me from disregarding it.

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    I really think the name Lewis sounds so amazing. It's a strong name, that I think fits a young child and a grown man. I just really like this name, it's so classic to me. I can't say I love the combo Lewis Drake, but it's just not my style.
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    I really like it. Makes me think of Lewis and Clark. Best wishes!

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    I prefer Louis (Lewie), but Lewis is a fine name.

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    Like the previous poster, I also prefer Louis. But I love it either way and it is a great name.
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