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    Final Baby Name Poll

    So, we're down to the end (and thank you for all of your help, suggestions, well wishes, etc.). Please vote for me, one last time.

    The middle names were chosen because Lenox is a very special place to my husband and I (it's in the Berkshires) and Lorcan means "fierce" (I got diagnosed with cancer during pregnancy) and Joshua is my husband's name.

    Aurelius will likely be shortened to Ari for ease of use, but I personally love it as a whole. Alaric we will attempt to have no nickname for.

    Thanks in advance.

    Crap, it didn't add a poll!

    Aurelius Joshua
    Aurelius Lorcan
    Aurelius Lenox
    Aurelius (but I hate the middle names and will give you better ideas below!)
    Alaric Joshua
    Alaric Lorcan
    Alaric Lenox
    Alaric (but I hate the middle names and will give you better ideas below!)

    I"d love any other middle name suggestions that mean something.. the ocean is special to us, as is Lenox.... maybe something meaning strength or something similar.

    Mom to:

    Gretchen Sofia
    Cordelia Violet

    due July 2013

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    Aurelius Joshua is my choice for you. nn Ari Joshua
    Psalm 23

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    I like Alaric with the middle names either Joshua or Lorcan. I think Aurelius sounds a bit too feminine for my liking for a little boy.
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    Ariston is Greek meaning 'high-born', as in aristocratic...perhaps not the meaning you're going for (perhaps mildly pretentious to those who figure out what it means), but it has the sounds you seem to like and it's easier to pronounce/spell. Of your choices, I love Aleric, but not the middle names so much.

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    Alaric Joshua or Lenox are my favorites.

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