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    I guess you could say that family connections and meanings don't control my middle names yet it is a good thought to honor loved ones. On my dad's side, the names James and Johnny is almost all the boys as the first or middle name. With my love for the name James, I will probably use it anyways without really pointing out family connections to it. Just like I LOVE Ethan James. Nice flow to it.
    Currently searching for that perfect name...

    The Favorites For Now (constantly change):

    Esperance, Dagny, Victoria, Isis, Aurora, Astoria, Calypso, Pearl, Photini, Circe and so forth..

    Zayden, Ambers, Phoenix, Gabriel, Barnabas, Ethan, Roman, Sol, Auden, Oleksander, Jensen, and so forth...

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    For me, middle names are all about identity.

    One might go through life and meet fifteen other people with their same, exact first name, but rarely will they ever meet someone with their same first and middle name combination-- and I think there's something really beautiful about that. Also, what I've found to be true (in my extremely limited experience) is that middle names tend to have more meaning than the child's first name. Therefore, when I choose middle names, I try to choose something with personal significance.
    This is a really lovely way if looking at it!

    I went with family names for both my kids middles.. My daughter has my Mothers (maiden) surname of Innes and my son has my fathers surname (my maiden name) of Wilson. I'd we have anymore children we'll probably use my mother in laws maiden name of Gilbert as a middle

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    I focus on balancing personal meaning (namesakes, literal name meaning, allegorical connections, honouring heritage) and honouring family members more directly (we go back and forth on if we are going to use family member´s names themselves or more subtle versions). Luckily, we´ve agreed to use two middle names so it is easier to mix both. A good example is our top combo for a boy at the moment: Edmund Francis Henry. Edmund has some interesting ancestral links for me but mostly is just a name chosen out of love, Henry is my partner´s grandfather´s name and his middle name, Francis has a huge amount of personal meaning (both literally as frenchman or free man, as I´m half-French and Caroline also means free man, an amazing meaning in itself; lots of great namesakes esp. of Assissi). Constance is also one name that has a combination of personal and family meaning for us.

    Also, I don´t think of middle names as secondary favourites, just names that are more suited to the middle spot! I love some names on my middles list more than their counterparts on the firsts list! I sometimes put names in the middle for reasons like: if they´re too popular (Henry), don´t have nicknames I love (Juliet, Theodore), act as a counterpart to the style of the first either as more out there (York, Wilford) or more classic (Mary, Elizabeth, John). Flow is largely unimportant to me, unless it is truly terrible.

    Annora Juliet, Elspeth, Verity, Zelda, Josephine, Marianne, Rosemary Constance
    Edmund Henry, Wesley, Jonah, Gilbert, August, Winston, Hugh Theodore

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    First consideration is flow and style - wouldn't want to stick anyone with an unattractive name because I was "honoring" someone. Personal meaning comes after that, but isn't necessary. I don't think it's important for a child's name to reflect their parents' favorite people, interests, hobbies, etc. It makes for a nice story, but the most important thing about a child's name is that it will be aesthetically pleasing, and will be something they can make their own.

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