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    It was easy with our first born. He has his father's middle name which is also a family name from two of his grandfathers (one on each side). With the next it depends on gender. If it is a girl, then it well be my husbands great-grandmother's name and/or a variation of my grandmother's name depending on our first name choice. If it is a boy we will have more freedom. We want it to flow as beautifully as our son's name does. No family connection requirement if it's a boy.

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    Mom to 2 girls ♥ Bayard McConnell "Bay" & Marguerite Davis "Maple"

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    Quote Originally Posted by sunshine.10 View Post
    @smismar: Wow, I LOVE Sylvia and Linus together! So perfect. Even their middle names go together perfectly.
    Thanks! I take a lot of pride in naming. It's one of the first things I will do for my kids and I don't want to slack on something that I view as so important
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    For girls, I choose middle names that I think are really lovely, but would be hard for most people here in the U.S. to pronounce (Aoife, Naimh, Aine, Caoimhe). I don't want to saddle my child with constantly have to correct people, since I have had to do that my whole life and I know how annoying it can get!

    For boys, I have more of a tendency to choose family names for middles.

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    Everett Jay- Everett's middle name was the easiest to pick out! I'm Jamie and my husband is Joel. I wanted Everett to be either Everett Joel or Everett James (James is to honor actually Joel's brother) But one day I was walking in the middle of the mall and yelled out Jay as a middle name for Everett and Joel loved it. I always said I didn't want any of our children to our same first initial so Jay just fit as a middle name. And we honored both Joel and James in one go.

    Atticus Reid- His middle name was after my father whose name is Thomas Reid. There wasn't some long story with it.

    Declan Samuel- Samuel is after my grandfather. Plain and simple. Our trouble with Samuel was finding a first name to go with it.

    Milo Patrick- Milo's middle name was the hardest out of his brothers. I needed a name to honor because I hated the idea of his name not honoring but his brothers. So looking back into Joel's family tree, his great grandfather had a brother named Patrick who looks exactly like Joel. So we picked Patrick.

    This baby has no middle name yet for a boy or a girl. We are planning to honor our family with this baby as well

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    Declan Samuel (08/07)
    Milo Patrick (02/09)
    Flynn Alexander (12/13)

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