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    For middles I first pick out family names that I want to honour, and that I like. Then it's classic and literary names, which tend to cross over for me as I'm a big Jane Austen fan. If I ever have two girls one will definitely get Catherine and the other Elizabeth as first middles (I want two) as these tie into each category. The first name would have to fit them, rather than the other way around. After all of that, if nothing fitted/was left I would just go for names I loved.
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    This is a great thread idea! I am not sure what I will eventually decide about how to use the middle spot. Flow and meaning are very important to me. I will probably honor family (by using the name of a favorite flower, or a name that is somehow connected but not the actual namesake's name) in the middle spot for a couple of my children.

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    For us, middle names will all almost definitely be honor names. In fact, we're planning to use our parent's first names, at least until we have more than 2 boys or girls. (Not sure how many we'll have, as we're just expecting our first!) If we do have more, we'll probably use great-grandparents, aunts, uncles, our parent's mns, other family names, maybe my H's middle...all family names, or possibly some close friends. Of course, this is kind of limiting, but thankfully I've been finding combinations that fit with first names we like. The only trick is that I like combos with my own parents names better than the in-laws, so wondering if it's okay if our first girl has my mom as her mn and our first boy has my dad! Unfair? (My reasoning is that they all will share the surname with DH's parents.)

    This is because I really like honor names and namesakes, but 1) I hate confusion and like people to have their "own" name, so no direct Jrs or naming first names after anyone amongst the close relations who is still alive and 2) most of our grandparents, great-grandparents have names that are unusable for one reason or another. (But we do have some great-uncles' first names and other more extended family members' names on our first name lists.)

    My reasoning for this: I have an honor name as a fn that is uncommon in my generation, but I have always loved the association with the aunt I am named after. Also, I feel like using honor names means the name will have personal significance and connection that is timeless, outliving any naming trends or styles. I'm afraid that if I just pick random mns that I like, eventually it will seem passe or boring. But I will always be happy for my kids to have a connection to their grandparents, especially as we live far away from the grandparents and will likely continue to as the kids are growing up.

    ETA: flow and sound with the fn choice is an important, but secondary consideration. EG, I have Reuben Daniel on the list but not Reuben Bruce, likewise Ezekiel Bruce but not Ezekiel Daniel.
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    Meaning. If it doesn't have meaning, there's no point in it being there.
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    1. Family Meaning (Jamesie, Anne, Louise, James, Harold)
    2. Personal meaning (Banjo, Lawson)
    3. Flow (Rose, Hadley)

    For me as you saw last monday one of my middle names is Buttercup which is for my mums favourite movie the princess bride. Lawson and Banjo are both poets and I want to use Banjo especially as The Man From Snowy River is my Nana's favourite poem.
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