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    Full name for rio?

    Love the name rio, but hubby hates it and can only think of the hotel in Vegas.
    I'm wanting to trick him into liking a full name where I can call him rio.
    Any suggestions? Hubby likes ancient and Greek/roman names.
    How would you pronounce Dario? Dare-rio or dar-rio ? Not sure I like it, but its all I've come across.
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    Riordan is perfect! It is pronounced Reer-den.

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    What about just Rion?

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    Christopher has Rio in order, it might be a stretch but I think it could work.

    Honestly, it's pretty common to add an o to the end of a boys nickname, so a lot of R names could work. Example Nicholas nn Nico.

    Reid nn Rio
    Rhys nn Rio
    Richard nn Rio
    River nn Rio
    Riley nn Rio
    Roderick nn Rio
    Rowan nn Rio
    Roman nn Rio
    Roscoe nn Rio
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