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    Lyra = lye-ruh.

    Like the instrument Lyre, which is probably what the name means too!
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    Lyra is said like "lie-ruh" like the instrument the Lyre and the constellation Lyra.

    It's a gorgeous name and Lyra Juliette is lovely. ^_^ -- My Amazon Author Page

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    Lyra = Lie-ruh.

    After the instrument, of coure.

    it's a lovely name and Lyra Juliette is a sweet combo. Best of luck to you!

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    Lie-Ruh. And I think Lyra Juliette sounds so good together!
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    I have loved this name for so long What a beautiful name with beautiful meaning. You have wonderful taste. It's pronounced LIE-RUH. I personally don't like it pronounced LEE-RUH. Lyra Juliette is gorgeous. I think that pairing it with something more traditional sounds best which you have. I like Lyra Victoria Good luck with everything.

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