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  • Stuart

    10 20.41%
  • Alan

    3 6.12%
  • Geoffrey

    11 22.45%
  • Graham (GRAY-um)

    18 36.73%
  • Mark

    7 14.29%
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    Top 5 names now! Votes and reasons please!

    We now have our top 5 boys names! So, to join Ryan Thomas, Joseph Matthew, Lucas Jaiden, Nigel David and Claire Camilla:

    Stuart Francis Taylor
    Alan Henry Taylor
    Geoffrey Adam Taylor
    Graham Richard Taylor (pronounced GRAY-um)
    Mark Stanley Taylor

    All votes and comments very much appreciated - good and bad!

    Thankyou! Sarah x

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    1 Geoffrey Adam - an old name and I love this spelling much more than the "J" spelling. I chose this name because it has its own unique "ee" ending that none of your children would share.

    2 Stuart Francis - this name goes well with your family (especially Ryan and Nigel) and Stu Taylor would be pretty awesome.

    3 Graham Richard - it is third because Graham and Ryan are similar in sound as are Graham and Taylor (gray-tay).

    I didn't choose Alan shares an ending with Ryan and the l's of Alan Taylor aren't ideal for flow.
    I didn't choose Mark because... Mark Taylor sounds kind of predicable and a bit bland to me. Have you considered Marcus Taylor?
    All the best,

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    moving to new account with username I like more... since we can't just change them

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    Stuart Francis Taylor is a lovely name and I think it goes perfectly with your other childrens names.

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    Geoffrey Adam or Stuart Francis are both lovely names and they go very well with names of your other children
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