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    Amelie is definitely gone. And I understand that what you mean by it taking a while to say.

    The story behind the name is my grandma was the only member of her family of 13 to survive the holocaust. She came to the US and married my grandpa and had Goldenrod. She had a heart defect and died at 3. Her middle name was Miep.
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    My fave is Goldenrod Aurelia

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    Goldenrod Vega stands out to me.

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    Oh, I really, really like Goldenrod!! It's not one I'd use but since it's a family name I think it's too special to pass up! Goldie would be a cute nn, too.

    My favorite of your MN options is Hermione, but Goldenrod Hermione is alot of gorgeous, though. I kind of think it would be wise to choose a more conventional or simpler name with Goldenrod, since Goldenrod is so striking and such a mouthful on her own.

    Goldenrod Emily
    Goldenrod Caroline
    Goldenrod Abigail
    Goldenrod Annabel
    Goldenrod Theresa
    Goldenrod Alice
    Goldenrod Cecilia
    Goldenrod Lenore/Eleanor

    I think it also depends a lot on the last name, as for how well the middle flows.

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    How about Aurelia in place of Goldenrod? Aurelia means 'golden', so your ancestor would be honored.

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