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    Cayson or Grayson, nn Cay or Gray? Or Jackson 'Jack'
    Steven 'Steve'
    Edward/Edmund 'Ed'
    William 'Will'
    Theodore 'Ted'/'Theo'
    Callum 'Cal'
    Conan...nn 'Con'?
    Daniel 'Dan'
    Wesley 'Wes'

    You get the gist.

    Hope that helped!
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    Jasper nn Jas (prn Jazz)

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    When I think about naming characters, I back up a generation and try to think of what the parents would have named their kids. What are Mr. and Mrs. Bell like? Earthy people--and if so, of the relaxed earthy variety or the hippie earthy variety? Higher-strung, WASPy people? Rural, urban, suburban? Where are they from, and is the story set in the present day? Are the parents the type to like the names they hear more frequently (and thus whatever was more popular whatever year each kid was born) or the type to go with tradition or family names or the type to buck all tradition or popularity? Perhaps that will help.

    I personally would definitely not name the character Ronan if there is a Taylor Swift song "character" with a similar story and the same name. And since it doesn't quite fit anyway, what about (from a variety of backgrounds/parental tastes):

    Franklin (Frankie)
    Alban (Albie)
    John Parker or John Lincoln
    Andrew (Drew)
    Eamon or Ian or Owen
    Caspian (Caz)
    Dominic (Dom, Nick, Nico)
    Winslow or Winston (Win)
    Solomon (Sol)

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    428 about you go with the obvious alternative to Ronan? Rowan, for anyone who didn't get that. Gabriel is another option.
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    Thanks everyone

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