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    Opinions Please! Fourth baby due next week!

    Please help. Our fourth baby is due next week and we are still stuck as far as names. We want to pick a name that sounds great with our last name, Maxwell, but also works with our other children's names.

    Our other kids are:
    Jack William Maxwell (9 yr) Jack and William were both family names
    Lillian Grace Maxwell (called Lily, 7 yrs) Lillian was my grandmother
    Miles Henry Maxwell (3 yrs) We picked Miles bc it sounded good with Maxwell and fit with the other kids names, not a family name

    We got a little burned on the names of the first two kids, they were not ranked that high when each of the children was born but caught on like wildfire within a couple of years. So for this baby we really want to pick something that will at least be a number of years ahead of the curve, although we don't mind if it catches on eventually, as long as our daughters name is never as common as, say, Sophia is now... :0

    For this baby girl, we are mostly thinking of first names Violet and Camilla, and mn's Maxine (after my husband's grandmother,) Elise, and Mae. Or using the second choice first name as a mn. Camilla Violet or Violet Camilla. I love both names but I am concerned that Violet is too cute and sweet, more like a nickname, and doesn't have a strong first name to back it up. Also I really question how well it sounds with Maxwell. I think Camilla Maxwell sounds much better, and I like that it has a british flair, and is a very international name, but my husband isn't sold on it. Also we are not crazy about Mille or Milla as a nn for Camilla. So we have one name that is basically a nickname, and one name that is a nice, strong "resume" name that we cant think of reasonable a nickname for! So far we are about to settle for Violet Maxine Maxwell, but I am just not convinced that any of that sounds good together! Please help! His grandmother's name was actually Maxi Maxine Maxwell once she was married! I would really like to honor her but wow... Also, can you really have two girls with flower names in one family?? Also, I think the normal pronunciation of Violet in america is going to be two syllables, sometimes one, even though it actually has three.... Maxwell also has two, so I'm hesitant about the rhythm or cadence. Whereas Lillian Maxwell, or even Camilla Maxwell flow well bc they are three and two syllables. I'd love your thoughts, opinions, favorite combinations, and even other names that you think might work and have a nice ring to them with Maxwell.

    Thank you for your help! We don't want to go to the hospital on July 8th without a name!

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    First off, I think Jack William, Lillian Grace, and Miles Henry are all super handsome names!!

    Aw, Violet's a name I really like right now!! I'm asking my OH tonight if we can use it. Camilla's also really pretty! Maxine is real close to Maxwell, but if its a family name I guess its hard to veer from that For Camille, Cammie is an easy nick name for it! Or Cam <3 Don't think it really needs a nick name though as its a short name. I think it would be sweet to honor her more vaguely, by either initials (M.M. Maxwell? Margaret Maeve Maxwell?) or maybe after a favorite flower of hers if she liked flowers or just after hobbies she loved in general? I don't think Violet Maxwell flows terrible, but I'd have a different syllable middle name to throw it off.

    I think another way to honor her would be using a "mac" name even Mackenzie / Mikayla? It has the mac sound of maxine. Or having a name ending in the -eeen sound, like Joleen or something

    Sorry if I'm not helpful, can't think of any good idea's to help! <3

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    Camilla Maxine is my top pick for you. I don't mind the repetition in the middle and last names because it seems like it further honors your DH's grandmother.

    As far as being ahead of the curve...I think Camilla fulfills that better than Violet. I can see Violet really exploding over the next few years, it's still a beautiful name, but it may follow right along the path of your older children's names.

    Nicknames other than Millie or Milla...I love Mimi as an option, plus it doubles as a little nod to Maxine Maxwell.
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