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    Thanks Berries. My favorite is also Lennox. I always go for an organic, outdoorsy type of name for my kids and I think Lennox Randall has a great ring to it. My mother's name is Lynnette and my father's is Randy so I like that it kinda brings their names together in a unique kind of way.
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    Another vote for Lennox-- fits perfectly with your other children's names, and is modern/outdoorsy without being too on-theme.
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    i love River & Sterling! i'd absolutely use River if i didn't already use it on my cat :x
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    Love Sterling! So underused. My second vote would be Lennox.

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    I also have a lil girl named Aspen, but I spell it "Aspyn"....I'm expecting a boy in December and although I love all of the names you mentioned, I would go with Lennox!!!!!!

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