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Thread: Just Gus?

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    Just Gus?

    I love Gus, and have for a long time. However, my problem lies in not liking any of the long forms. I can't stand August, and I'm not a fan of his variants - Augustus reminds me of Augustus Gloop from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and I find Augustin/Augustine a bit on the pretentious side compared to my other boy favourites (Charlie, Oliver, Samuel...). The others - Gustav/o, Angus and Fergus I all find too ethnic to use for someone without Scottish/Scandanavian/Russian heritage.

    I would happily use just Gus on its own, but next to my OH's short, one syllable surname, I'm not sure whether it works. Gus Anderson, for example, would give me no issues at all, but is Gus "Fox" unworkable?

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