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    Middle Name for baby girl June!

    Hi All,

    I often read, but I haven't posted my own thread before....I am 5 months pregnant with a girl and need some name advice!

    We have completely decided on the name June for a first name. My husband and I have loved it for years and are so excited to use it- to me it is a sweet, feminine name that isn't too long. Our last name is Biggs but with an "R".

    Middle name contenders are:
    -Rhetta (pronounced like "Greta" but no "G"). This is my husband's grandma's name and we really like it. This is the top contender right now.
    -Margaret. This name would be to honor my grandma.
    -Susannah. This was our second-choice first name, we really love it and hesitate to use it as a middle for the sake of possibly using it as a first name for a potential future daughter.

    Any help would be appreciated, or any other names that would go well!


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