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    Middle Name for baby girl June!

    Hi All,

    I often read, but I haven't posted my own thread before....I am 5 months pregnant with a girl and need some name advice!

    We have completely decided on the name June for a first name. My husband and I have loved it for years and are so excited to use it- to me it is a sweet, feminine name that isn't too long. Our last name is Biggs but with an "R".

    Middle name contenders are:
    -Rhetta (pronounced like "Greta" but no "G"). This is my husband's grandma's name and we really like it. This is the top contender right now.
    -Margaret. This name would be to honor my grandma.
    -Susannah. This was our second-choice first name, we really love it and hesitate to use it as a middle for the sake of possibly using it as a first name for a potential future daughter.

    Any help would be appreciated, or any other names that would go well!


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    I love June Rhetta! And it has a meaning for you so I would totally use it. I wouldn't choose Susannah if you want to use it for a next daughter.June Margaret is also nice.

    Some other suggestions
    June Victoria
    June Elizabeth
    June Cecilia
    June Penelope
    June Beatrice

    How about using two middle names?
    June Margaret Rhetta sounds lovely to me!
    Currently unavailable.

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    I am in love with the idea of June as a first name, so classy and gorgeous, glad it's not become simply a middle name only type of name, though it does make a wonderful middle name it's great to see it as a first name again

    If you want to use Susannah in the future (Jane and Susannah sound brilliant together) I wouldn't use it as a middle name for your first daughter
    I love Rhetta and Margaret as they honor important women in your family, have you considered Margaretta as a way to honor both?

    Other names I can see as a good middle for Jane include:
    Harriet (actually not really my style but I think it would flow nicely)

    Just names off the top of my head personally I think Margaretta would work well to honor your grandmother and your husband's grandmother though if only one I feel that Rhetta would work best with Jane and if you had another daughter and used Susannah then I think Margaret would work for that name better
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    I love June Margaret! June is sunny and a little sassy and Margaret is elegant and sophisticated, so the two of the paired together are an adorable vintage combo to me.

    Rhetta isn't my favorite, but I'm also a huge proponent of unique family names so if that's the one you love then absolutely use it!

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