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    I'm a little bias because Oakley is my son's name, but he is 7 years old and we still love it. We've never met another one and he loves his name. We sometimes call him Oaks. It's strong, masculine, easy to pronounce and spell. I was considering Rocco for the baby boy we are expecting in Oct but it rhymes with our last name, so it's out. Good luck!
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    I see that your husband likes Shep - perhaps you could do Shepherd with the nn Shep? That may appeal to your tastes, but still give you husband a nick name he likes. I personally think Maverick goes great with Rocco and Cannon, same style and feel but each name is different. Of you other names I think Sterling and Wilder could work as well. I am a big fan of Wolfe - not sure if I would ever use it, but I love it none the less.

    Other suggestions:
    Maximus "Max"

    I think Hawke, Duke, and Bridger could be great options! Good Luck!

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    Looks like your husband likes strong and somewhat unique names. How about: Thrace, Thane, Sabre, Slate, Rhett, Ford, Darrow, Ashur, Cobalt, Edison, Truman, Lincoln, Coltrane, Knute, Gannon, Heath, Keith, Gage, Tate, Inigo, Anson, Derek, Reeve, Thaddeus/Thadd, Wulfric, Montague, Hadrian, Everett, Ronan, Espen/Aspen, Everest, Draven, Drogo, Ragnar, Aleric, Julius, or Optimus? Best wishes!
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    Oakley makes me think sunglasses...and not a bit fan of Maverick.

    LOVE Wolfe or Wilder with your other two. And when I try to think about it in an unbiased way, Sterling seems to fit well, too, though I don't prefer the name. (Bad association)

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    I think Maverick goes well with the other names. I also like the combos of Maverick Wilder, Wilder Maverick, and Sterling Maverick.

    But I love the sound of Rocco, Cannon, and Maverick!!!
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