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    Ooh, this is a tough one! I like them both but Elodie is unique and rolls off the tongue, especially since it rhymes with "melody", so Elodie gets my vote. Best wishes!

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    I love Maggie, and I think it would be the better option next to Lila. I don't know any Elodies, but I know of an Eloise (which is close to Elodie)who goes by the nn Lola and if Elodie decides to as well or someone uses it for her, Lola and Lila is to close. Maggie would avoid that potential.

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    Love Elodie but Maggie matches the feel of Lila Scout better.

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    Maggie. No contest. It's spunky and fun and lush. Elodie is definitely striking, but she would have to go through life saying, "It's like Melody, but without the M." And that's assuming that you're not going with the French pronunciation, which would add another layer of confusion. (I knew an Elodie who just started signing her name L.O.D.!) And you'd also have to be sure that you would be OK with her going by Ellie or some other nickname, just in case she decides it's all too much of a hassle. Don't underestimate the beauty of having an easily pronounceable name! (Like the wonderful Maggie.)
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    Elodie, but I would vote for Margaret nn Maggie over Elodie.

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