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    Lila Scout and Maggie Townes are a better fit.

    For something similar to Elodie, you might consider Elsa, Elsie, Edie, Evie, or Esme. Even Simone has a similar feel.

    I like Lila Scout with Esme Townes, Elsa Townes, and Evie Townes best of the above - maybe Eva Townes nicknamed Evie.
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    My first reaction was Elodie, because I feel like this name is really growing on me, but when you put Lila and Elodie together it sounds like a lot of L.

    I think Lila and Maggie are adorable together so that would be my vote.

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    Elodie, Elodie, Elodie —it's unusual, interesting, elegant, playful yet formal, it has a nice meaning, and stands well on its own.
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    Elodie Townes every time as an individual name, but Maggie sounds better grouped with the sister's name. However, I don't think it's necessary to "match" siblings names! Let your little girl be her own person, and stand independent from the beginning! Elodie is beautiful and classy and will carry her through her whole life as a wonderful name for not just a baby girl, but also as a teenager, a young adult and a mature woman.

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    Love Elodie - Maggie is all abit Simpsons for me...

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