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Thread: WDYT: Alyss?

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    Question WDYT: Alyss?

    Okay so I have fallen in love with the name Alyss. I know there are a lot of people who think of it as just a Kreative spelling of Alice or a misspelling of the Welsh Alys. What is up with all of the animosity towards Alyss though?

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    I find Alyss cute, but prefer Alice.
    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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    For me it looks like a misspelled Alice.
    Sorry, if my english isn't always the best.
    I'm from Germany, my husband was born in Utah, and we live together in Germany.
    We're waiting for our daughter "Elaine Ivy". October 2013!

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    I think it sounds a little prissy and mean, like a school bully, because I feel the same way about Alyssa and it is a similar name. (Don't mean to offend anyone if that is your name, lol.)

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    If it is pronounced exactly like Alice...then that name will always get spelled "Alice". Your kid would most likely have to constantly correct people.

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