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    Archer (Archie) - Archie is a lovely name and Archer is a great way to get it, much nicer than Archibald which sounds very stuffy to me
    Augustine (Auggie/Gus) - I love Gus but loathe Auggie. Augustine isn't really my cup of tea but it's not an awful name.
    Emmit - Nice but I prefer the spelling Emmett
    Harvey - I like this too
    Francis (Frank) - Like, Frank is a good nickname but would likely end up Frankie as a youngster.

    They all seem different styles though, from the classic Francis to the modern Archer, so knowing your older son's name and the start/length of your surnamemight help make a decision as to which works best.

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    i like Archer (no nn), Augustine (nn August or Gus), & Emmett (this sp with the occasional nn Em). i'd have to know your first's name to see how they go with that.
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    Thanks everyone. My first son is Luke.

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    Archer is my pick. My son is Archer Luke, so I think those go great together

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