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  • Florence

    24 61.54%
  • Etta

    5 12.82%
  • Imogen

    21 53.85%
  • Ida

    5 12.82%
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    Sister for Ramona and Bruce

    These are some names that I am thinking about for our short list for my second daughter due in November. If we have a boy in the future his name will be Bruce after my husband's late father so we are looking for a name that would fit the sibset. Our last name sounds like cow-her.

    Right now our short list includes

    My husband really doesn't like alliteration in the names so we took some other favorites off the list-Clio, Claudia, and Cornelia.
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    Bruce and Florence are much too close. Honestly, I'd vote to keep Florence as a first name and use Bruce as a mn, but I realize Bruce is a very meaningful name for you. Ida sounds like an old woman to me... But Etta reminds me of Etta James, which is a wonderful connection. Imogen is just a lovely name, and makes me think of 'imagination'... so I always think of a very creative and artistic little girl. So I voted for Etta and Imogen...
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    I like Imogen and Florence best with Ramona and Bruce. Florence was my first pick, and I didn't even realize they both had a "ce" ending until I read the above comment. Although, it is a good observation. Great names! Funny, from the title mentioning Ramona and Bruce I thought that they were a cool, funky sib set, and yet you didn't "pick" Bruce out of a bunch of different names. I would have never known, because Bruce and Ramona both have a similar charm. Neat.

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    Honestly, I don't think Bruce and Florence are too close. As I pronounce them, the sibilant sound at the end of Florence is very brief, but it's much more extended in Bruce.

    As much as I love Etta and Ida though, I'd be careful with your last name....Etta can lead to 'Et a cow'. Similarly, Ida sounds like 'I'da cower' (I'd have cowered).
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    Imogen is my favorite of the four names but i think Florence sounds better as a sibset

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