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Thread: Trying 2 MNs

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    @strawberry36 - thank you! Lydia Violet Josephine is the combo that I'm most concerned bout because of the flow. I was actually torn between Adelaide and Adeline

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    Clara Felicity Jane (possibly Clara Felicity Ruth) - Either flows nicely for me, good choices
    Lucy May Cecilia - Too clumsy... Better reversed but then you get too much 'c' with Lucy as PP suggested.
    Adelaide Georgia Poppy - This sounds ok to me; not perfect flow but good enough
    Grace Philomena Joy - Very nice flow and rhythm, I like the way Philomena makes Grace more of an exciting choice
    Catherine Isabella Rose - Excellent flow, very classic. Not my personal style but still a lovely name
    Lydia Violet Josephine - think this reads better as Lydia Josephine Violet.
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    I like the last option, as well. Just a thought--I have the mn Kachel (Ka-shell), if you're considering condensing the names, though I'm probably the only one w/such a name. Julia Rachel Katari is lovely as it is.

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    My favorite is Clara Felicity Jane and Catherine isabella rose (I was thinking of that same combo)
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