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    Lemon, your response is pretty much dead on what I've been thinking! I think Valerie fits in with your other suggestions, but as you said, doesn't fit QUITE as we'll. Natalie was a front runner until a friend recently used it, and Rachel is still on our list (for some reason, Rachel fits in we'll for me- even if its a little dated). If Valerie is still on my mind when baby comes, I think I'd use it. Until then, I'll keep brainstorming for names that I love alone and in the sibset. Thanks for the help all! Still open to suggestions

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    I think sibling name flow is more of an extra bonus rather than a requirement. If you love Valerie, use it. I think it's very cute and unexpected.
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    I agree that the whole sibset thing only matters as much as you want it to. Mason, Brenna and Valerie are a all different but i think they compliment each other well. Brenna and Valerie share an unfrilly femininity and softness and Mason is similarly understated, despite its popularity. But each name has its own distinct personality, which is want you want in a sibset imo. Definitely keep Valerie on your list! A couple of others to consider maybe: Vivenne/Vivian and Cora.
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    Brenna sound like it would go good with Alexa, Victoria, Clara, Brielle, Brooke, or Alana

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    Mason, Brenna, and Valerie sounds pretty natural to me : D!

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