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    Love my kids' names.. but do they stick me with a style for baby #3?

    I've posted a few times about specific names, but today I have a more general question for you Berries. I have two children, a son named Mason and a daughter named Brenna. Mason is my stepson so I did not name him, and at this time it wouldn't be what I'd call my style... but he came before the crazy popularity and it suits him so I love it! Brenna was a name my husband and I could agree on, first of all, and we liked the Irish connection. If I only had one child I wouldn't stress over the "sibset issue," but with two children already possessing fairly modern names, is it too out of the box to throw in a more classic one? I wouldn't go as traditional as Eleanor or Margaret or names in that era. To give a better example of what I mean: I am loving the name Valerie and amazingly have no previous or present associations with the name. I think it would be lovely and unexpected for a new baby to be named Valerie, and while I know it's not an "ancient" name (or at least not ancient in its popularity peak), it's much more "dated" than my other children's names. Dated does not bother me, but I have to admit that a TOTAL mismatch of styles in the same family does. What do you think??

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    Classic names are timeless. I say go for it!

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    I think that Valerie is very different from Mason & Brenna which "go" more. I don't think it's glaringly awful, but I do think that the dated feeling of Valerie is what makes it not quite match up. Vera or Violet are more "old-fashioned" but more on-trend as well, this makes either of them sound better in the sibset imo. Valencia or Valentina are more out-there, but also feel more 2013 which makes them work with your names. Valerie is more surprising on a little girl today, which could be a good thing, but Mason & Brenna are so unsurprising that it makes it an odd trio imo. If I met these three kids I would assume that Valerie was an honor name or something.

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    I personally don't get the whole sibset thing. Fair enough you don't want anything too matchy, like Joseph and Josephine for example, but honestly the whole concept of a sibset is more for the parent than the child. As an adult you have your own identity, and I've never once introduced myself as "Novaberry, sister of Samberry & Jimberry"! Tastes and trends all change. Why not reflect that?

    Basically what I'm saying is if you love Valerie, go for it and to heck with what the other kids are called.
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    I honestly think Valerie in particular is due for a revival! Sure, it's different than Mason and Brenna, but not shockingly so.

    What would I expect a sister to Mason and Brenna to be named? Honestly, it varies from classic to dated to modern - Lucy, Rachel, Hannah, Courtney, Molly, Ava, Zoe, Lily; shorter names like Grace, Claire, or Paige; longer names like Jocelyn or Alexis.

    So, I think you could get away with Valerie. I think a name that is similar but potentially fits better is Natalie.
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