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    Love my kids' names.. but do they stick me with a style for baby #3?

    I've posted a few times about specific names, but today I have a more general question for you Berries. I have two children, a son named Mason and a daughter named Brenna. Mason is my stepson so I did not name him, and at this time it wouldn't be what I'd call my style... but he came before the crazy popularity and it suits him so I love it! Brenna was a name my husband and I could agree on, first of all, and we liked the Irish connection. If I only had one child I wouldn't stress over the "sibset issue," but with two children already possessing fairly modern names, is it too out of the box to throw in a more classic one? I wouldn't go as traditional as Eleanor or Margaret or names in that era. To give a better example of what I mean: I am loving the name Valerie and amazingly have no previous or present associations with the name. I think it would be lovely and unexpected for a new baby to be named Valerie, and while I know it's not an "ancient" name (or at least not ancient in its popularity peak), it's much more "dated" than my other children's names. Dated does not bother me, but I have to admit that a TOTAL mismatch of styles in the same family does. What do you think??

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