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    Do you take into consideration how your child's name will sound with...?

    Do you take into consideration how your child's name will sound with the rest of your family? I'm not talking about your other children, but your name and your S/O. And maybe even your extended family to a point (your parents, siblings, and nieces/nephews)?

    I am just wondering because my name (and the names of almost all of my family) is very different from the style of names that I like. How important is it that my children's names sound good with the rest of the family?
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    I don't really care about that. My naming style is totally different from what my family already has, so if I went with stuff to fit with my family, I'd have an Emma, Ava, Jacob, etc. I really never even thought about the names needing to fit in with my families names.
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    No, not at all. My cousins all named their children trendy names and I don't think my children's names sound good with them at all. It's nice.
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    It seems to me that most people don't worry about it that much, especially if their taste in names is based on hating their own name. To me, though, it mattered somewhat.

    My husband has an anglisized Irish first and last name. He wants our kids to have Irish names, too. My name, on the other hand, is pretty much a classic except it's spelled "wrong" (thanks, Dad! LOL!) I think my spelling is more modern and less formal than the traditional spelling. More American, I guess. When we named our daughter, my husband wanted to use the traditional Irish spelling, but no one would have spelled or pronounced it correctly. Plus, with his name being anglisized, I didn't feel it would fit. There are two different English spellings/pronunciations of the name we chose, and I picked the one that seemed less "fancy" to me because I felt it matched our names better.

    *Editing to say that our extended families' names don't matter, though. I just think about our immediate family unit.*
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    I really don't care. My name is SO not my style and I didn't even consider how my kids' names would sound with mine or DH's. My mother hated the choice for my daughter (and she's not going to be thrilled with my son's name either), but I told her that she had her chance to name her kids 38 and almost 33 years ago. Now it's my turn.
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