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    Need help on baby girl names

    I'm just a couple, short weeks from finding out whether my first is a boy or a girl. While I've always been a name fanatic, I just can't find any names that I'm completely in love with, despite a mile long list of favorites i have had for years before I got pregnant! Now, nothing seems "good enough". So, I'm looking for help on girls' names that I keep coming back to. I'm open to suggestions on names that have similar feels to the ones I've listed.

    First names:
    Alaya or Alaia

    Ella is SO's choice and while I like it a lot, he wants to use the middle name Denise after his deceased mom. Obviously, I respect the fact that he wants to honor her, but I am also not a huge fan of the name. I have no idea how to get around this other than to use two middle names, which I'm not sure he would go for. Since Ella is so common, I would prefer to give her a middle name that is more unique. Thoughts, suggestions, and comments are welcome!

    Thank you!

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    I love Ella and while you may not like Ella Denise I kind of like it. It sounds charming to me. I also like Eliana Denise too! But if Denise is going to be the middle spot and you are not a fan of Ella Denise or Eliana Denise what about,

    Evelyn Denise
    Ava Denise
    Sophie Denise
    Sophia Denise
    Marisol Denise
    Vivian Denise
    Anastasia Denise
    Elle Denise
    Emilia Denise
    Elodie Denise
    Evangeline Denise
    Emmaline Denise

    Not sure if this is your style but I figured I would give it a try anyway!
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    I think Ella is my favorite of the three, but I agree with you that Denise isn't one of those names that people day dream about. What was his mom's middle name or maiden name? Were either of those more unique and/or useable? Or what about using a shortened version like Dena or Denny?

    I also like the PP's idea of using a longer Ella-like name. You could even use Ella as a nickname.

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    Thanks for your responses and suggestions. Unfortunately, his mom went by her middle name. Her first name was Judith after her mother, which is definitely the worst of the 2, in my opinion. Her maiden name was German and definitely would be an odd middle name for a boy or girl. I've thought about using two middle names, like Ella _ Denise. Doubtful my SO would go for it, but I feel like it would be my only chance to get a middle name I like, too. Unfortunately, I don't know what middle name I would use with Ella, even if he would go for it. I would prefer something a little more unique than traditional MN's like Marie, Grace, Kate, Rose, etc. Suggestions are welcome for that, too. Thanks again!

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    I only like Alaia. It's so pretty.
    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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