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    My husband and I had the same problem only we wanted Ray-gun. I liked ree-gan too but we chose the other and spelled it Raegan so it was easier to not be mistaken. I'm not sure there is any other way to spell regan so people don't mistake it Regan Elizabeth is a great name!

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    I read ree-gan. If you were trying to make it ray-gan or make a political statement (it's happened!) you'd spell it like the president. But I definitely think there will be some people who will assume that's what it's for, even if most us (who seem to be quite well read) didn't.
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    No matter how it's spelled, in my head I read it as both, if that makes sense. I see Reagan and have to mentally correct myself from Reegan to Raygan. Every time. Same goes for Regan.

    So yeah. Lots of mispronunciation problems. But it's not a big deal, a lot of people have to correct others on their name. I think it's cute.
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    How would you pronounce this? Ree-gan. As I too have it on my list and prefer it that way.
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    I think I am beginning to realize that so many names have multiple pronunciation options. Even my Caroline is occasionally called Carolyn which I don't understand but accept. It is a moment in time to correct someone politely so I think we will go with Regan since I like the sound with the sib set (Maryn Cassidy, Caroline Quinn and Regan Elizabeth)!

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