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    I thought Ree-gan but that's how most people pronounce it where I'm from
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    Whether it was spelt as Reagan or Regan I would say it with the Ray pronunciation.

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    I read Ree-gan right away. I think as taliawhat said, all names get pronounced wrong at one point or another. Almost everyone I know has had someone say their name wrong in their life, but you just tell them once what it actually is, and then they know the right way to say it. I wouldn't worry to much about that.
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    I read it as Ree-Gan. I agree with pp that all names can get mispronounced. Once you tell someone how it is pronounced, then they probably won't make the mistake again.

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    Bottom line: it's going to be mispronounced. Especially, if you live in the States.

    But, in the scheme of things, that's hardly that big of an issue. If you love it, use it.

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