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    Am I setting her up?

    For a life of correcting pronunciation?
    If we chose the name Regan will she be forever correcting people.
    How would you pronounce this? We were looking for Ree-gan.
    I don't think there is a cut and dry answer. Some have said it rhymes with vegan so it is obviously Ree-gan or like Shakespeare's character. Others say it is like the president, Ronald Reagan, though spelled differently.
    I love the sound of Ree-gan, but feel Reegan looks like a made up, trendy type name which I was hoping to avoid.
    I originally liked Reagan (Ray-gan) but have in the last couple of days fell in love with the Irish sound of Regan (Ree-gan.)
    Appoligies to those who have read this on the girl forum as well!
    32 weeks pregnant, hormonal and ready to go back to the baby name drawing board!
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    I'm 32 weeks pregnant, too (33 on Sunday), so I totally hear you on that.

    I immediately thought RAY-gun like the president. I'm not sure if there is something you could do to the spelling to make your pronunciation more obvious. Riegan, maybe?
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    I thought Ree-gan but I do know someone with the name so I already knew how to pronounce it. She does get some people saying her name incorrectly but most people get it right.
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    I love the name Regan! And I personally read it the with the Ree-gan pronouciation because I am a fan Shakespeare and King Lear. I think if you love it then go with it!

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    either way she is going to end up having to spell it for everyone too, so she might as well learn a little speech on pronunciation and spelling. my name is Carrie and even though this is the 'classic' spelling it is the last way people think to spell my name, they all want to add in i's & k's

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