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    Bruno Abram* (personally I would avoid any mn with bear or wolf associations with this fn)
    Xavier Sage
    Griffin Tobias or Griffin Wyatt (personally avoiding noun/adjective mn)
    Tobias Winter or Tobias Noble
    Abram River or Abram Xavier*
    Wyatt Noble* or Wyatt Canyon
    Lionel Abram* or Lionel Tobias

    I starred my favorites by their sound/association.

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    Because your last name has a bit of.. chewiness to it, I prefer it with first names that roll off the tongue easily:
    Griffin, Lionel, Bruno.
    It sounds like your attached to Tobias though. I think Tobias, with the nickname Toby, is one of those perfect names. Tobias is serious and sturdy, Toby is so so friendly.
    Tobias Coyote ("Toby Coyote") would be amazingly eccentric, but only if you live out West and drive a VW bus.
    Tobias Oak
    Tobias Canyon
    Tobias Bruno ("Toby B.")

    seconding Brigid16's suggestion of Griffin Oak. Lovely. And Kyemsma's Griffin Xavier.

    Lionel Canyon
    Lionel Bruno
    Lionel Winter (oh no that sounds like "The Lion in Winter")

    Bruno Noble
    Bruno Xavier

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    I like all of your first names from your list so I'll just make combos for you.

    Bruno Sage
    Xavier Canyon
    Griffin Sage
    Tobias Noble (oh, love it!)
    Abram Winter
    Wyatt Oak
    Lionel River
    All the best,

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    Mm I like Mischa's idea of Tobias Noble. It's got two nickname options: Toby and Snow (tobiaS NOble!) A nature-name hidden within a very handsome, dignified full name.

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    I wrote out all of the suggested combos and I have a list of 41 awesome possibilities! I love so many of them. It's going to be next to impossible to narrow them down. I don't know how I am going to choose just one! Thanks for all the feedback, Berries.

    I might not get the chance to use Griffin. My sister is pregnant, too, and due ahead of me. Griffin is a family name and she let me know that she might use it in the middle. Names are first come first serve in my opinion and I don't want any repeats. I'm not 100% sure she will actually use it and I am not 100% ready to take it off the lists either but once I subtract the Griffin combos I still have 34 amazing name combos to consider. This thread has made me feel a lot better about this possible scenario so I want to throw out an extra big THANK YOU for that!

    I like the suggestions of Bruno Abram, Abram River, and Lional Abram but I am a little concerned about the initials for those three (BAG, ARG, & LAG).

    More combos, opinions, or votes for your personal favorites are welcome! This community is really great

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