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Thread: The horror

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    Sep 2011
    Oh dear. Declan is a great name, Deklyn is... I don't know what that is.
    If only I could make a living naming other people's children...

    Girl names I'm loving right now: Leonor, Jane, Daisy, Arabella, Francesca, Georgia, Violet, Flora, Raphaela, Beatrice, Kira, Winter, Zara, Sophie, Delia, Bronwen
    Boy names I love (after naming 5 of my own): Gideon, Watson, Magnus, August, Miles, Oliver, Callum, Felix, Rafe, Reuben, Bram, Cormac

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    Apr 2013
    It's a nice name, but I don't care for it personally. However, but if I saw "DEKLYN" I would assume the 'owner' was female...

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    Lovely name, awful spelling... but to each their own. Congratulations to your friend!

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    I don't mind the spelling because it won't be mispronounced with this spelling. JMO

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    I love Declan. Deklyn... I just do not get the creative spelling thing, what am I missing? Its the same name as everyone else, just nobody knows how to spell it...
    Mama to my little bunny girl (3/2011) and my silly bubble girl (11/13). Baby BOY is coming 9/17!!

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