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    Rosemarie in the middle!
    Or maybe Mary-Anne, Marianne?
    Hannah is my favorite with sister Amy-Louise.
    Millie is a nn for Amelia, which is too close to Amy.
    Emily is pretty, but it seems similar to Amy. Maybe it's the M and the ending in Y.
    I love Stella and Eden, but seem so modern with Amy-Louise. I just like sibset to match a little bit.
    Heidi is the only one on your list that I personally do not like at all.
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    Thank you everyone. I do agree on Amelia and Emily but I was just saying names along the lines of what we liked so people can he a idea of the names we liked.

    I love the name Marilyn Rose. I'm not sure on Marianna/Marianne. As said above I'm not sure if my boyfriend wants his mums name in a child's name so this I would have to ask him.

    I like the suggestion of Rosemary but I wanted Marie as its my middle name.

    Clara and Sarah - is unusable as I know people with these names.
    Gretchen - too old (my boyfriend would say weird) for our liking.
    Hannah - we do like Hannah but I'm just concerned about it getting so popular again.
    Maggie and Tess - are a bit too old.
    Rachel - I love this name but I know a few Rachel's.
    I'm not keen on Laurel as I had loads of Lauren's in school with me so it's put me off names like that.
    How do you say Mara? I like Maya/Maia/Mia but I'm not sure on Mara.

    No Amy doesn't have a middle name.

    I do like Alexandria and Annabelle combos but I don't really want 2 A names.

    I like Eden Faye but I wanted May after my boyfriends nan in there.

    I love Gabriella and Daniella but I prefer them as middles.

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    Stella is my favorite
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    I love Eden May Rose! And Millie Amelia Rose and Stella Marilyn Rose are amazing as well! I'm not the biggest fan of Emily or Heidi/Hannah, but I love Eden, Millie and Stella.
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    thank you for your inputs. I'm going to ask my boyfriend about all the names and see what he says. Any other people wanna comment feel free.

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