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    Question Help me find a longer middle for Blythe!

    My first baby is due in Sept and Blythe is right near the top our list if bub is a girl. I'm looking for a longer (ideally 3 syll) middle to go with it. Suggestions please! Also, what is the general opinion on Blythe Elspeth? Though only 2 syll, it's my favourite so far but I'm not sure if all the th's make it weird. Thanks for your input!

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    I adore the name Blythe and its on my list but as a middle name. Here are my top suggestions:

    Blythe Henrietta or Henriette
    Blythe Dorothea
    Blythe Elizabeth
    Blythe Louella
    Blythe Annalise
    Blythe Meredith
    Blythe Susannah
    Blythe Penelope

    Hope the helps
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