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    I think Blythe Elspeth is pretty, but agree with the tongue twister comment. It probably depends most on how t flows with your last name. Here are a few other ideas:

    Blythe Emberlin
    Blythe Carrington
    Blythe Austen (as in Jane)
    Blythe Annabelle
    Blythe Genvieve
    Blythe Lilybeth (another twist on Elizabeth, since you like Elspeth)
    Blythe Eliana

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    I think we will use Blythe for our daughter also, but I prefer it as a short, sweet middle name, we would call her by her middle name. I just think a longer name sounds/flows better first. Genevieve "Blythe", or Katherine "Blythe", etc. I know tons of people who go by their middle names.

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    I love Blythe!! We just welcomed a Sylvia Blythe, hubby wasn't keen on it as a first name unfortunately but I adore it.

    I think Blythe Elspeth is lovely but probably to hard depending on your last name.

    Blythe Victorie
    Blythe Georgina
    Blythe Lillian
    Blythe Charlotte
    Blythe Audrey
    Blythe Elizabeth

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