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    How Do You Define A "Trendy" Name?

    I'm not entirely sure if I've got the right definition of trendy! I thought it was one of those newer names that are everywhere (Ava, Addison, Avery, Kaitlyn, etc) but, I googled the definition, and it was entirely different from what I thought! What do you define a trendy name as, and what are some examples? Thanks


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    for me it's popular names that have only been in the top 100 or so for the last 10-15 years.
    names like Elizabeth, Jacob, William, Sophie have all been in the top 100 for several years or were also popular 100 years ago so to me they are not trendy
    names like Kaitlyn, Ava, Madison, Aiden, Carter have only been popular recently.
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    Ava and Aiden are very old names, they just came back and got popular.

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    To me it's any name where it sounds like the parents were "trying too hard" - if that makes sense. Especially if there are Y's and K's and double letters in places that they don't belong. Nothing wrong with the name Michaela, but when it becomes McKayllah, it becomes trendy to me. I also tend to lump traditionally masculine names used on girls in the trendy category. 50+ years ago, you would have been hard-pressed to find a female Addison (I'm sure they were out there, but not in the numbers you see today). I don't necessarily consider names that have existed for a long time but recently regained popularity as trendy, but they can be.
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    What's the definition you found?

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