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    I actually really like Artemis on a boy as well. Have you read the Artemis Fowl books? They make me always see the name as masculine. I know a guy names Aristotle who goes by Aris, so it's not that strange names are impossible to live with, you just have to get used to the idea of your name being discussed a lot. Nobody is ever gonna comment on your name if it's Sarah, but if it's something like Erebus you might get sick of how much people talk about your name.

    I love the name Arthur But I have an uncommonly strong attachment to Mr. Weasley, lol. He's my literary husband. Hetalia is actually kinda pretty too, as well as Talia, but I understand about being weirded out because of where a name comes from.
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    I've read them yes, they are wonderful! I have them in, though only the Danish version and two English books. I've always seen it as masculine.
    Haha, the named Elizabeth is discussed a lot in Denmark, because that is unusual, which I've grown to learn people will talk. And I've ignored it.

    I love it too, but not from a series. x3 I think of my friend from Rio De Janeiro , so no Harry Potter here.
    Yeah, might be because I don't really care about Hetalia and she loves it.
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    I consider Lemuel not to be usable at all, especially if you happen to live in Utah, Idaho, Arizona, or other states with large Mormon populations... the religious connotation with Lemuel is extremely, extremely bad...
    Usable names:
    Aaron- Common
    Alastair- Wonderfully unique!
    Alejandro- Makes me think of Lady Gaga, but still a great name.
    Benjamin- Common, but it's a classic.
    Caleb- Another classic.
    Cassius- Wonderful!
    Charles- Classic
    Damon- A bit too Matt Damon, Damien might work better.
    Emyr- I love this one... A nice alternative to Amir.
    Eoin- Prefer the Owen spelling, especially in the U.S...
    Francis- A bit too close to Frances for me, I prefer Franklin... but still useful.
    Gable- Too close to gobble for me, but it's perfectly usable.
    Gabriel- Common.
    Gawain- A dashing, knightly name.
    Ilyas- I prefer Elias, as Ilyas has an 'ill' beginning. It is a nice variation, though...
    Ivan- The terrible. Not my fav name, but still usable.
    Julian- I'm not big on the Spanish pronunciation of this name, and that's all I hear when I see it... so I wouldn't use it, but it's quite classic.
    Julius- Love.
    Kieran- Love this name, but don't use it if you live near a large Persian community, as Kier is a really bad word in Farsi (like a nickname for Richard).
    Lucas- Common, but nice.
    Lucien- Would probably be mispronounced a lot, but it is nice.
    Luke- Classic.
    Lysander- I think it is usable, but perhaps better as a mn.
    Mordecai- Ditto.
    Nathaniel- Common.
    Perseus- On the borderline for me, but Percy would be a great nn. Might be better as a mn.
    Raiden- Usable, but inadvisable... does the world really need more -aiden names?
    Roman- Polanski. Despite that horrible namesake, I think I'd still use this name.
    Ruben- Love.
    Rupert- Murdoch. British sounding, but great.
    Sachin- I would use this one. Makes me think of the cricket star, but it's also a bit similar to Satchel. It would be unique, but I still think it could be used.
    Sebastian- Quite common.
    Seth- Common
    Tristan- Common
    Vincent- Classic
    William- Classic
    Xavier- Common
    Xerxes- Would probably only work as a mn, or if you came from a Persian background (Khashiyar is not uncommon among Iranians... but has a the connotation of a person who can't keep secrets).
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    Love your list!

    Aaron – If you’re pagan I find it weird to name your child after the first High Priest of Israel. But it’s a lovely name, and it definitely works in Danish.
    Agenor – Quite nice, and I think it would work nicely.
    Alaric – Yes! Love Alaric, it’s easy to spell and pronounce, and would fit in nicely yet stand apart.
    AlastairLove this, I can see it working well in Danish. Aleister too Crowley for you?
    Alejandro – I’m not a huge fan of this, I prefer classic Alexander, Italian Alessandro or quirky Skandar.
    Apollo – I love Apollo, but isn’t there a travel agency in Denmark called Apollo?
    Arcas – Ooooh, yes, please! Callisto’s son and King of Arcadia! Love this, and it’s usable too.
    Ares – Love this as well, I can’t use it myself, so I’d love to see it on someone elses list. However, he was the God of lots of not so nice things (I’m sure you know as you’re pagan, but lots of people seem to confuse Ares role in battle with Athene’s. She was the strategist, he was the Godof bloodshed and destruction in battle). How do you feel about Aries? It’s pronounced the same way, but to me it’s more mysterious, and is connected to so many of the really good stories.
    Armando – I love Armand, Armando sounds like a circus.
    Benjamin – Quite lovely, and obviously usable. I’m a huge fan of Benjamin Britten so that helps.
    Cain – No. I think this name is horrible, not only for the Biblical association, but also the sound. And it sounds very nasal in Danish.
    Caleb – Yup, this is nice.
    Calix – Teehee, yes, I like this. I love –lix names. Means goblet, which is a nice thing. I’m not sure I’m crazy about how it would sound in Danish, but it’s pronounceable for sure.
    Carlisle – This one’s ok, but I’m not crazy about it in Danish. The –lisle part gets very muddled.
    Cassius – Yeah, this ones good. I love Cassian more, but Cassius is a fine strong name of brave men.
    Charles – Definitely works, and it’s so handsome! I’m considering adding Charles to my middle list, it just makes me happy! And sounds cute in Danish too.
    Cobalt – haha, this is actually quite cool.
    Damon – Yes!! I love Damon. One of my very favourite myths. And it works brilliantly in Danish too!
    Deandre – No, I don’t like this one. You see why, right? De andre?
    Demetrius – Yes, this one’s good. Would work in D-mark.
    Dionysus – Almost everything sounds cool in Danish, I realise skipping down this list. And he’s one of my favourite Gods, the untamed wild nature!
    Edwyn – I’d prefer Edvin or Edwin for a Danish kid. But it’s cute none the less.
    Emyr – Yeah, this is quite nice.
    Eoin – Really, I have a hard time saying this in Danish.
    Epaphus – It’s weird, but doable. I wouldn’t.
    Erebus – Haha, yeah, this one sounds nice too.
    Eros – The God of Love! Oh please keep this on your list! I can’t use it, but it’s fabulous! I love the God, and I love love love Eros Ramazzotti!!!!
    Eryx – YES! It’s great sounding in Danish, it’s close to Eric and it’s a whole bucketful of awesome.
    Francis – Yup yup, it works.
    Gable – It works, but I’ not a fan.
    Gabriel – This is nice, and very very pretty.
    Galahad – The name of my cat! If I could go back in time I’d have named her something else, so I could use this for a baby. But, alas. Anyway, yes, this is great.
    Gawain – Ooh, please keep this too. So romantic! And sounds great in the tongue of the Danes.
    Gwynfor – No, scratch. It’s impossible. Gwydion?
    Hades – I don’t mind the King of the Underworld, but it’s very close to the Danish word for hate.
    Helios – Ooooh, yes, lovely. Beautiful word and a nice association.
    Heracles – Nice name, but with a very massive association for most people. Plus, he’s have his very own Disney movie.
    Ilyas – Love this name. Gorgeous, and sounds delicious in Danish.
    Io –Girl name! Jo is male.
    IvanLove, and works perfectly well-
    Julian – See above.
    Julius – See above.
    Jupiter – I like this, it’s less in your face than Zeus and a planet. He was a notorious rapist though….
    Lemuel – Sounds too close to Lemur for my taste.
    Leopold – Oooh, yes! Cute and fun and romantic.
    Lithium – You’re joking right? As a bipolar chick I say no. I love my lithium, but it’s not a good association.
    Lucas – I love this. Did you read Michael Ende’s book Jim Knap & Lukas Lokomotivfører when you were little? Such a comforting and beautiful name-
    LucienLove this. It’s beautiful.
    Luke – I prefer Lucas, but it works.
    Lyall – It sounds weird.
    Lyros – No.
    Lysander – Yes! Very nice. I think he’s an idiot (the one in A Midsummer Night’s Dream), but a lovely name.
    Marquis – No. I think a lot of people will think of de Sade.
    Mars – I prefer Ares, as Mars is also a chocolate.
    Minos – It works, but I wouldn’t.
    Mordecai – Cool, and works in Danish. The only thing is the mord part (murder).
    Mordred – See above.
    Nathaniel – Works very well indeed.
    Perseus – I love this name, but it sounds awful in Danish.
    Polydeuces – This is horrible. Polydorus?
    Priapus – Listen, I am a huge fan of all kinds of mythology names, but this dude was not only a fertility God, he was famous for his genitals. His enormous genitals.
    Raiden – I’m not a fan, but it’s not awful.
    RomanLove this, so handsome!
    Ruben – Gorgeous, and just a nice sweet and fun name.
    Rupert – I love this, and sounds super cute and clunky in Danish. Keep please!
    Sachin – Eeh, no.
    Santiago – Yeah, this is nice. I like it very much. And it rocks in Danish.
    Sarpedon – I see why you like it, but I’m not sure I like how it sounds.
    Scorpio – I don’t like scorpions, so this is just odd.
    Sebastian – Beautiful and sexy. Like it very much.
    Sergey – I’d spell it Sergei, but lovely either way.
    Seth – No, not in Danish.
    Silviu – Silvan, Sylvan, Silvanus all sound better to me.
    Tristan – Yes, very nice.
    Vasiliy – I’m not sure about this in Danish, but it’s a wonderful name. I love it!
    Vincent – Yes, very good, and the name of your super cute little prince!
    Vladimir – I like it. It’s cool and Russian and badass.
    WilliamLove this name, so beautiful and strong and romantic.
    Xander – Sounds nice in Danish.
    Xavier – Oh, yes, this is so cool! Keep please!
    Xerxes – On my own list, but I think it sounds a bit pretentious.

    May I suggest Cadmus, Sigurd and Arion?
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    Alaric - if you don't mind that the historical figure was violent

    Least favorites:
    Lithium - Because it is a drug for bipolar disorder
    Priapus - Because it is too close to "priapism"

    Other ideas: Hadrian, Thrace, Thane

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