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Thread: Kinda, Sorta

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    Kinda, Sorta

    Xanthe has long been one of my favorite names, and is one of the very, very few my SO says he loves. We have a little boy named Ivan. We don't plan on giving him a sibling for a couple of years, but have decided to use Xanthe Ada if we have a girl. I think it's perfect, but lately I've been questioning how it sounds with Ivan. Ivan and Xanthe - Ivan Eli and Xanthe Ada - Both 2-2, but that doesn't bother us. Very different popularity-wise, but kind of sort of close enough in style to work. Maybe. What do you think?
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    I love Xanthe as a sibling with Ivan. Great prospect. Others I think will go well would be Hazel, Zoe, Lorelei, Athena, and Audrey

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    I think they sound really great together!

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    I love them together! Xanthe is gorgeous.
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    I think it's fantastic. Thumbs up!

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