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    Thoughts on this? NN Annie?

    I am not sure how well it'll go over--they're both one syllables, and my experience with Nameberry and French double-barrels has been that most non-French Berries won't be too thrilled with the flow, or the simplicity of Anne-Claire. I've loved Eve-Claire and Anne-Sophie in the past, and I've always gotten suggestions to opt for Eva-Claire, Evie-Claire, Anna-Sophie, Sophie-Anne, and Anna Sophia instead of Eve-Claire or Anne-Sophie, but it's just Anne-Claire. Would you be happy to come across a little Anne-Claire? I'm always a sucker for the nn Annie, too.

    I'm not sure about a combo--so far I like the idea of Anne-Claire Felicity, Anne-Claire Josephine, Anne-Claire Lisette, and Anne-Claire Genevieve.

    Also, Anne-Claire or Hannah for the nn Annie? I love both, but Hannah has some really special ties to my mom that Anne-Claire doesn't have. Then again, Anne-Claire has some wonderful ties to my best friend (who passed away 2011) that Hannah doesn't have, so both have bonuses to them. Which do you like best with the rest of my list?

    Thanks, ladies!
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